Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 30th, 2018


7/23 - Downtown San Jose welcomes first 100% homeless housing project

7/19 - Denver Invests Another $2.4 Million in the Housing First Model

7/19 - The cities making a dent in homelessness — and what Seattle can learn from them

7/18 - City mistakenly overstates number of homeless getting permanent housing

7/18 - First Local Landlord Rents Apartment to Malibu Homeless Man with Housing Voucher

7/18 - Council car parks 'should be used' for modular housing for rough sleepers

7/18 - Fort Worth’s Public Housing Authority is Overhauling Itself

7/18 - First apartment building funded by Massachusetts’ workforce housing subsidy program opens

7/17 - Tiny-home villages are a key part of Seattle’s homeless strategy. So why did one village lack case management for three months?

7/14 - Adirondack Vets House plans to offer permanent housing

7/13 - Homeless Trust Cuts Money to Put Families in Hotels, Will Move Them to Shelters Instead

7/13 - Housing Opportunity Fund Board Members Meet For The First Time, They’re Already Under A Time Crunch

7/13 - With homelessness up, Worcester task force to propose $6 million plan

7/12 - Letter to the editor: City using wrong approach, wrong housing for assisting homeless

7/11 - Henry Cisneros gives tour of inequality crisis and hope for affordable housing

7/11 - Ian Campbell: As mayor of Vancouver, I would triple the empty-homes tax and speed up permits for new housing

7/6 - The  Overselling  of  Rapid Re-housing  by  Sharon Lee

7/6 -   A New Approach to Homelessness: Housing First

7/6 -   More permanent supportive housing needed locally

7/6 -   The world's first family to live in 3-D printed home

7/6 -   South Dakota's first "passive" apartments will also be affordable

7/6 -   Australian First: NSW government to donate land in Redfern for build-to-rent program

7/5 -   London to get First LGBT+ Homeless Shelter

7/4 -   Greenville Housing Fund set to approve first round of funding for affordable housing projects.

7/3 -   Missing Middle is not affordable housing.

7/1 -   HACAP's end of transitional housing leads to concerns.

6/30 - Humboldt County homeless, officials vet progress on housing shortage, service needs.

6/29 - Lawsuit filed over tiny-house homeless village in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood.

6/29 - If you hear someone talking 'Comp Plan' in your favorite Capitol Hill cafe, it's probably Housing Now shaping plan to take on Seattle's restrictive zoning.

6/29 - County Partnership in Addressing Homelessness Wins National Award.

6/28 - Can Tuff Sheds help Oakland ease the Housing Crisis?

6/28 - Maple Ridge wants new way to help the homeless.

6/27 - First arrivals at Social Bite's homeless village will move in this weekend.

6/26 - Homelessness can and should be fixed, says our Fourth #European Hero

6/26 - New data shows Housing First program helping Juneau's homeless.

6/26 - Brockton nonprofit builds another building for homeless veterans.

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Every day, news articles appear on the issue of the growing problem of people in America not having a place to legally call their home.  If you are like me, you want to learn what is being done to address the problem. 

So I'm asking Google to send me links to every article in the American press that mentions either of two key words: homelessness and Housing First.  I'm going to spend part of my time reading the articles, and posting the links here of those which report on solutions which seem like they could be implemented here in Santa Rosa.

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