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Homeless Housing News via California Housing and Community Development Department


Here are the news articles that Google Alert has found for homeless housing that homeless activists should know about:

From HCD News, Dec 27th
By Sam Levin [12-27-19] // In a state with the world's fifth largest economy, physical assaults and criminalization efforts have made 2019 a particularly grim year for the homeless.
By Kevin Fagan [12-26-19] // The Healing Well offers yoga, acupuncture, 12-step addiction recovery meetings, lunch, people to talk to-things that take the place of doing drugs, as one patron puts it.
By Mayde Gomez [12-24-19] // Stockton City leaders allocated $100k to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission and another $100k to the Stockton Shelter to help support another 50 beds at each location.
By Wilson Walker [12-26-19] // A pair of homeless Oakland mothers occupying a vacant home as a housing protest on Thursday was given another four days to make their case. The judge has tentatively ruled in favor of eviction.
By Marco della Cava [12-24-19] // East Palo Alto: "Before, the kids could never go outside the RV because of people fighting and doing drugs, but here they can ride their bikes around," said Morales, who, like many others here, preferred to speak in Spanish. "We are grateful."

From HCD News, Dec 23rd
By Adam Brinklow [12-19-19] // At no point was a solution ever on the horizon, though SF tried seemingly everything to get there.

From HCD News, Dec 18th
By Thomas Fuller and Josh Haner [12-17-19] // This photo essay portrays a third-world sprawling homeless encampment in Oakland where the journalists spent three months getting to know its residents.
By Jill Cowan [12-16-19] // A 2017 report by the city of Los Angeles on the state of toilets on Skid Row found that there were just nine public toilets available for its 1,964 homeless residents. By contrast, the United Nations' standard for refugee camps requires there to be one toilet for every 20 people.
By Joel John Roberts [12-17-19] // (Commentary) We certainly need to respond to homelessness like it is a natural disaster-by setting up enough temporary structures immediately to get people off the streets now...
By Cornell W. Barnard [12-17-19] // (Video/text) The moms and their children recently moved into a vacant home without permission from the owners, but are now using legal channels, asserting their right to live there. Mother Monique Walker pointed out, "There's four vacant homes for every one homeless person on the streets in Oakland. That's criminal to me during winter."
By Benjamin Oreskes [12-17-19] // The U.S. Supreme Court decision to not hear an appeal of the City of Boise vs. Martin limits cities' power to prevent people from sleeping in public places when there is no other shelter available.
By Lisa Halverstadt [12-16-19] // Two San Diego lawmakers have joined Gov. Gavin Newsom in urging the Trump administration to swiftly release homeless census data amid continued speculation about a possible federal crackdown on homelessness in the state.
By Melinda Meza [12-17-19] // (Video) Last year Stockton received no money from the state. This year, the governor's Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Fund is providing San Joaquin County $12 million to create mobile showers, navigation centers, expanded shelters, and affordable, permanent housing.
By Tyler Silvy [12-17-19] // Sonoma County supervisors stalled Tuesday in their bid to advance a solution to the growing homeless crisis on the Joe Rodota Trail in Santa Rosa, postponing action on a set of shelter recommendations county staff hastily cobbled together early this week.
By Joe Goldeen [12-17-19] // Longtime unsheltered homeless residents liken it to a cat-and-mouse game. As soon as the cat leaves, the mice return.
By Kriston Capps [12-17-19] // As advocates and service providers brace for an executive order on homelessness, HUD Secretary Ben Carson heads to Houston.

From HCD News, Dec 16th
By Kevin Fagan [12-16-19] // Kat MacKay, who lives at the biggest homeless camp Sonoma County has ever seen, is tired of screams erupting around her at night. She's tired of the outbreaks of syphilis and stomach flu in the nearby tents, the stench of trash, the rats and mice chewing anything resembling food.
By Pete Williams [12-16-19] // By refusing to hear the case, the court leaves in place a lower court ruling that said Idaho's camping ban violated the Constitution.
By Justin Jones [12-2019] // I  became homeless at the age of 8 or 9 after my mom enrolled in a 90-day rehab program. My dad was a part of the problem and wasn't present after she took the steps to a better life.
By LA Times [12-13-19] // Los Angeles can move forward with plans to open a homeless shelter in Venice after a L.A. County Superior Court judge rejected a legal challenge to the project.
By Phil Matier [12-16-19] // Built at cost of $4 million, the 200-bed Embarcadero Navigation Center takes about up half of a 2.4-acre parking lot along the city's picturesque waterfront near Beale and Bryant streets.
By David Lightman [12-16-19] // Congress wants to spend about $2.8 billion in fiscal 2020, the 12-month period that began Oct. 1, on homeless assistance grants, the major funding source to help the homeless. Final votes are likely sometime this month on what would be about a 6% increase over last year.
By Ryan Hagen [12-14-19] // Riverside mayor Rusty Bailey has spent about 15 nights in an uninsulated structure since October to garner attention for the needs of those without homes in Riverside. He wants City Council to approve similar structures at tomorrow's meeting.
By Benjamin Oreskes [12-14-19] After a public outcry at a Lancaster City Council meeting, Mayor R. Rex Parris postponed a vote on a proposal to sharply restrict how charitable groups feed homeless people in public spaces.
By Sherilyn Adams and Jennifer Stojkovic [12-14-19] // Tech employees across the city put together gift kits of socks, underwear, hats, shirts and handwritten holiday cards for 300 young people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. The kits will be distributed by Larkin Street Youth Services.

From HCD News, Dec 11th
By Eve Garrow [12-10-19] // After she became homeless, Callie Rutter entered Bridges at Kraemer Place, an emergency shelter that promises to "connect participants to housing as quickly as possible." For her, however, the shelter has been a bridge to nowhere. Callie has lived in the converted warehouse shelter for almost a year.
[12-2019] // Key findings include the increase of laws criminalizing homelessness; these laws are rooted in prejudice, fear, and misunderstanding; criminalization is costly and ineffective as well as harmful and, often, illegal.
By Gary Warth [12-10-19] // San Diego's vehicle habitation law is mentioned in the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty Law's 2019 Housing Not Handcuffs report, but the city was not listed among others as part of the report's "Hall of Shame." It also noted some progress around the country in trying to help homeless people off the street, and mentioned Clairemont Lutheran Church's plan to build affordable housing units on its parking lot.
By Associated Press [12-11-19] // Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kaplan told a city council meeting Tuesday that she has been contacted by cruise ship companies about providing a ship for emergency housing...
By Trisha Thadani [12-10-19] // More than 1,700 people live in their vehicles in San Francisco, up 45% over the last two years.

From HCD News, Dec 9th
By Otis R. Taylor Jr. [12-9-19] // Look, we all really need to take a deep breath, because we can't afford to get sidetracked and lose sight of what's really at stake here: the lives of people trying to mentally and physically survive living on the street.
[12-8-19] // HomeAid, a non-profit provider of housing for the homeless in Northern California, is building six "Tiny Homes" at the First Presbyterian Church of Hayward to service residents participating in a California housing program.
By Will Schmitt and Tyler Silvy [12-7-19] // For 10 years, Patty Alden has lived in a small home near the Joe Rodota Trail, a Sonoma County park path on an old railroad line stretching more than 8 miles from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol. In recent months, more than 150 homeless people have set up camp along the trail not far from her house. One of the camp residents is her 40-year-old son.

From HCD News, Dec 6th
By David Wagner [12-6-19] // Research shows that prevention strategies in cities like Chicago and New York have been working. 
By Theresa Clift [12-5-19] // (Audio/text) The development, on city-owned land at Northgate Boulevard and Patio Avenue, south of Interstate 80, would open next winter at the earliest, Councilman Jeff Harris said.
By Margie Shafer [12-3-19] // (Audio) A potential safe transitional site has been identified in Menlo Park for the working poor and homeless living in their cars and RVs. They may park overnight and receive services, pending federal approval.
[12-5-19] // Gavin Newsom, asked President Donald Trump on Thursday to stop withholding federal housing vouchers that could benefit 50,000 homeless people.
By Emily Deruy [12-6-19] // Gov. Gavin Newsom blamed the Trump administration for bureaucratic delays. On Wednesday, Newsom said cities and counties can begin applying for a piece of the $650 million in emergency homeless aid set aside in the state budget. 
By Sammy Caiola [12-2-19] // Paula Lomazzi, executive director of the Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, said when she was homeless it was "like a miracle when someone gave me a $5 bill, and also it was a miracle when someone would give me their leftover dinner from a restaurant." Caiola provides lots of other suggestions.
By Martin Wolk [12-5-19] // "Sixty percent of all gang members are essentially, effectively homeless," said Father Gregory Boyle, who is planning to add transitional housing near Homeboy headquarters.
By Emily Alpert Reyes [12-5-19] // Los Angeles city officials won a key battle Thursday over a pair of local laws meant to ease the way for more housing for homeless people, defeating a challenge from Fight Back, Venice! The group argued that the ordinances flouted state law and sought to overturn them.
By Sarah Ravani [11-4-19] // In its proposal to an Oakland City Council committee, city staff noted that "encampments in parks have a disproportionate impact on the entire community as these areas are no longer available for recreation."
By Anderson Cooper [12-1-19] // (Video/text) Cooper visits a tent city in the Seattle area and hears from some of America's more than 500,000 people who are experiencing homelessness.
By Benjamin Oreskes [12-4-19] // Robert Marbut, who has worked with Fresno and several other California cities and counties, would succeed Matthew Doherty as executive director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. He is also known for urging cities to stop "enabling" homeless people and is skeptical of the housing first model.

From HCD News, Dec 4th
By Trisha Thadani [12-3-19] // HealthRight 360's tie-dye-painted van is parked in the Tenderloin and offers treatment for wounds, rashes, and the common cold as well as preventive care such as TB testing and blood pressure checking.
[12-4-19] // "Tenderloin residents and businesses deserve clean and healthy sidewalks just like any other neighborhood," said Supervisor Matt Haney.
By Doug Smith and Benjamin Oreskes [12-2-19] // Peter Lynn announced Monday that he is stepping down as head of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Lynn plans to continue working in the homeless field..."I think America, in general, provides really poor funding ... for mental health, substance use treatment," he said. "And I will say, people are really suffering for that."
By Adam Brinklow [12-2-19] // And the Bay Area's ten largest cities combined sport three empty homes for every two persons without one...
By Phil Matier [12-4-19] // San Francisco officials have declared the recent test run of keeping the city's Pit Stop public toilets open all night a success - and at about $28.50 per flush, it ought to be.

From the HCD News, Nov 27th
By Matt Tinoco [11-25-19] // "The reality is that we messed up. We should not have published the story without fully vetting the methodology first. That said, we are desperately in need of accurate numbers."
By Benjamin Oreskes and Doug Smith [11-26-19] // In all, 30 shelters are in some stage of development for a total of 2,300 new beds, including about 900 that the city plans to fund from other sources. But the unanticipated success of Garcetti's A Bridge Home program has put the city at odds with Los Angeles County over who should pay for it, leaving further expansion of the shelter program in doubt at time when residents have become frustrated by the explosion of homeless encampments.
By Noah Bierman [11-26-19] // Administration officials have floated a range of potential plans - including using police to clear skid row and other encampments, reducing regulations for building new housing, and increasing temporary shelter space by making federal facilities available or erecting temporary structures. Advocates and officials in California say they would welcome a truly cooperative effort with Washington.
By John Tozzi [11-5-19] // Under a law passed in 1986, people who need medical care can seek it in an emergency room, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. But that's where our country draws the line. We'll pay for a hospital bed but not for a home, even when the home would be cheaper in the [not so] long run.
By Joel Grover and Amy Corral [11-25-19] // Some prominent California politicians are now calling for the Golden State to emulate the Empire State, where only 6% of people experiencing homelessness live outdoors, compared to 75% in Los Angeles.

By Martin Macias, Jr. [11-22-19] // The mayors of Oakland, Sacramento and Los Angeles said at a housing policy summit Friday that curbing the state's homelessness and housing affordability crises requires legislative action making housing a right for all Californians.
By Theresa Clift [11-22-19] // This year, Sacramento County will not offer their winter sanctuary program that in the past has bused 100 homeless men and women to places of worship for shelter and medical care. Instead, the county will add services, 24 beds, and expanded hours at two River District shelters.
By Mark Noack [11-22-19] // Volunteers gathered voter signatures to block parking ban affecting homeless RV-dwellers.
By Michael Andersen [11-22-19] // The search for housing justice shouldn't ignore the empty luxury spaces we subsidize most.
By Cody Dulaney [11-25-19] // It's been more than a year since the San Diego City Council voted to provide 140 new housing units for homeless and disabled residents in each council district by 2021, but little has been done to meet that commitment.
[11-24-19] // A new statewide survey has found that most Californians are concerned about homelessness in their community and that a majority supports the concept of a law that would require local governments to build more shelters.

From the HCD News, Nov 18th
By David Zahniser and Emily Alpert Reyes [11-15-19] // Acknowledging Los Angeles's "state of emergency," three City Council members proposed on Friday to grant Mayor Garcetti emergency powers to rezone property and suspend city rules that block or delay approving new sites for housing, overnight parking areas, and public restrooms.
By Steve Lopez [11-17-19] // Part One: The residents. The trash, the fights, the drugs, the blaring music. For months, it was relentless, said one who lives in a Hollywood neighborhood surrounded by homeless encampments. ...The author found "not a lack of support from authorities but an inefficient response sabotaged by a lack of coordination and clear strategy."
By Steve Lopez [11-18-19] // Part Two: The homeless camp. Hollywood has long had a dark underbelly. Maybe the darkness, rather than the glitz, was always the bigger draw. Maybe there were always more people running from something rather than to something. But I have never seen it as ruptured as it is now, with thriving commerce and astonishing social collapse side by side.
By Jessica Flores [11-14-19] // Construction is getting underway on a new $34 million permanent supportive housing complex for homeless Angelenos on a vacant lot on the corner of Imperial Highway and Broadway Avenue in South LA.
By Nicholas Iovino [11-14-19] // A neighborhood group asked a state judge on Thursday to halt the ongoing construction of a 200-bed shelter in San Francisco, arguing the city failed to get required approval from a state commission that oversees public lands.
[11-14-19] // The owner of a building at 3061 Riverside Drive that's being used for office space is interested in leasing it to the city as a temporary shelter, Ryu's office said on Wednesday.

From the HCD News, Nov 13th
By Ruthie Snyder [11-3-19] // Snyder suggests many possibilities for housing people experiencing homelessness.
By Barnini Chakraborty [11-12-19] // This is the latest report in an ongoing series by Fox News on the severe homelessness crisis West Coast cities are enduring due to rampant drug addiction, skyrocketing housing prices, mental illness and, in many cases, misguided governmental policies.
By Melinda Meza [11-12-19] // (Video/text) About 450 people call an outdoor shelter under the 9th Street Bridge in Modesto home. The city has to close the shelter, which was designed to be temporary emergency shelter, as part of an agreement with the Tuolumne River Regional Park. The city of Modesto said there will be enough beds for the 450 homeless in various shelters.
By Joel Grover and Amy Corral [11-11-19] // (video/text) Untreated mental illness and drug addiction contribute to violent attacks by homeless people on passerby. Incidents increased 50% from 2017 to 2018 and are on track to continue rising.
By Will Heryford [11-11-19] // (Video) Three women who met at church have teamed up to provide hot showers for people experiencing homelessness in Lodi and Stockton. The service, called Showered with Love, has been an idea of Mary Jarrard's for a few years, but it was this past January when things started to become a reality.
By Elizabeth Roberts [11-4-19] // At least two burn victims were transported to area hospitals shortly after 5 p.m. today after a fire consumed a homeless encampment under the connecting ramp bridge from the westbound Crosstown Freeway to northbound Interstate 5 over Mormon Slough.
By Janice Bitters [11-12-19] // Days after Santa Clara County leaders approved nearly $1 million in funding to add 19 beds in San Jose for homeless women and families, Google has jumped in to double that money.

From HCD News, Nov 8th
By Adele Peters [11-6-19] // Many people living on the streets avoid shelters because of how unpleasant and undignified the conditions are. A new design would give people more privacy while they wait to find permanent housing.
By Diana Kruzman [11-6-19] // For thousands of women in Los Angeles mental illness, drug abuse and housing costs intersect with the challenges of pregnancy and raising children.
By Inyoung Kang [11-6-19] // Several readers in and near California raised a similar question. Data shows that most homeless people in California are, in fact, Californians...
By Doug Smith [11-6-19] // The news came in September: Long Beach Residential, a 49-bed home for adults who are mentally ill, was being sold. The residents of the converted apartment building, some of whom had lived there for decades, would have 60 days to move, an increasingly common scenario across the state.
By Doug Smith [11-6-19] // The details of the motion are still being worked out by county staff. But their recommendations are likely to include a mandate to improve data collection, to use unspent mental health funds from the state for maintenance of board-and-care homes and to advocate for increased state funding levels for them.
By Ryan Fish [11-6-19] // Santa Barbara County: Firefighters were able to douse Monday night's fire near the 101 Freeway in Goleta, but fires in and around homeless encampments remain a daily threat in California. Meanwhile, city leaders are planning how to spend funds carefully and efficiently to maximize assistance to those experiencing homelessness in Goleta.
By Kayla Epstein [11-7-19] // The new ordinance, passed at a contentious council meeting, makes it a misdemeanor for homeless people to camp or sleep on the streets if beds at established shelters are available.
By Michael Finch II [11-7-19] // As the ranks of the homeless rise throughout the region, and tent encampments spring up around the city, some advocates question whether swapping debt for community service alone is effective.

From HCD News, Aug 5th
By Matt Markovich [7-31-19] // San Francisco and Seattle share many commonalities. Two large west coast progressive cities facing a growing affordable housing crisis coupled with an increase homeless population with many of those suffering mental health and drug addiction issues.
By Otis R. Taylor [8-2-19] // Marcus Emery called me every few weeks to update me on his life - and to give me his new phone number.  ...The last time I saw him in June, we sat on couches in the living room of his apartment on MacArthur Boulevard in East Oakland. He gave me a goodbye hug.
By Vivian Ho // All around the Bay Area, they hide in plain sight, the vehicles doubling as shelters. Some, as Brown described, are easily recognizable - an overstuffed RV with so many items strapped to the sides that the wheels appear sunken down, a van with a taped-up window, a camper so antiquated that it doesn't seem operational.
By Steve Lopez // Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, both involved in homeless issues for years, have proposed a new approach, in which the state would establish a right to shelter and make sure there's a bed for every homeless person now camped on streets, riverbeds and parks.

From HCD News, Aug 2nd
By Heather Knight [8-2-19] // If a major earthquake struck San Francisco today and cast thousands of residents out onto the streets, would City Hall create endless task forces to study the problem? Call for hearings and reports? Create new positions to come up with plans - eventually? Let's hope not.
By Carla Hall [8-2-19] // (Op-Ed) I've rarely met a homeless person on the street who wanted to go to [a shelter]. But the homeless woman sitting on the sidewalk on an industrial stretch of Cotner Avenue in West L.A. was different.
By Lisa Fernandez [8-2-19] // President Donald Trump took time during a 90-minute rally in Cincinnati on Thursday to slam California for the number of homeless people living on the streets. 
By Benjamin Oreskes [8-1-19] // Across the country, L.A. isn't considered to be a failure. To the contrary, at last week's National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington, D.C., attendees repeatedly held up the city, the county and the state as models of political will for getting people into housing.
By Evan Sernoffsky [7-31-19] // The Alameda County Board of Supervisors has agreed to lease a former jail to the city of Oakland for a mere $1 a year in a plan to convert the facility into housing for the city's ballooning homeless population, officials said Wednesday.
By Lindsey Holden [8-1-19] // The census counted 1,483 people experiencing homelessness, up nearly 32% from the 1,125 people counted in 2017, according to the results released on Thursday.

From HCD News, July 31st
[7-31-19] // This photo essay shows 24 hours inside San Francisco's homelessness crisis.
By Heather Knight [7-30-19] // A new report from the Board of Supervisors' Budget and Legislative Analyst examines conservatorship. Despite the growing crisis on our streets, the number of conservatorship referrals in San Francisco plunged by almost 50% percent between 2012-13 and 2018-19.
By Emily Alpert Reyes [7-30-19] // The decision extends the L.A. regulations, which had expired at the beginning of July, until January. Under the rules, people cannot spend the night in their cars on residential streets, or live in their vehicles at any time within a block of a park, school, preschool or day care facility.
By Chris Nichols [7-30-19] // "You can't compel individuals to be held in a place where they don't want to be" unless they are a danger to themselves, said Curt Child, legislative director for the advocacy group Disability Rights of California.
[7-30-19] // When completed, this permanent housing development will consist of a series of 3 interlocking buildings. Two will consist of studios and one-bedroom units for a total of 57 apartments. The third will be dedicated to resident service spaces. 

From HCD News, July 22nd
By L.A. Times [7-21-19] // If adopted, this policy would compel cities and counties to build enough large shelters to accommodate any homeless person who asks to come indoors. Steinberg and Ridley-Thomas want to also require that homeless people be forced to accept shelter if offered. 

From HCD News, July 17th
By Mike Duffy [7-15-19] // Woodland was just awarded $5.3 million through the California Department of Housing and Community Development for a new proposal to build a five-acre campus on the outskirts of town complete with temporary housing, services and the opportunity to transition to permanent housing.
By Trisha Thadani [7-15-19] // A parking lot near the Balboa Park BART Station will be turned into a "triage lot," where people can park their vehicles overnight and access showers, bathrooms and services to help them find other housing options.
By Nicholas Iovino [7-12-19] // To temporarily resolve a federal lawsuit over homeless camp evictions, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County vowed not to remove people from encampments unless they are offered adequate shelter first. The agreement requires storing seized property up to 90 days, creating a process for filing complaints about shelter placements, and mandatory training for staff that interact with homeless people.
By Mario Ramirez [7-16-19] // (Text and video) The agreement will allow the county to enforce nuisance laws on county property by creating two zones -- one in which transients can be arrested immediately and another that requires that law enforcement first do outreach and try to move the transients into shelters, Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do said.
By Kurt Schauppner [7-17-19] // Kelly Schumacher from the Food for Life Ministry said many people just don't make enough money to rent homes in Twentynine Palms anymore. Potential tenants must show their income is three times a property's monthly rent before a landlord will consider them, she pointed out.
[7-16-19] // (Video and text) Pest control and public health experts are calling on Gov. Newsom to declare a public health emergency over what they say is a sharp rise in the state's rodent population. A new report says environmental factors are not to blame for the state's rat increase. Instead, the issue is "directly related" a spike in the homeless population and the elimination of effective rodent control methods under legislation such as AB 1788...
From HCD News, July 15th
By Stefanie Dazio [7-11-19] // Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said he is working to eliminate thousands of homeless people's old warrants for minor offenses in the coming weeks as part of a solution to help get people off the streets.
By James Brasuell [7-11-19] // An article and video by Lisa Halverstadt explain the differences in the kinds of homeless housing to counter the confusion that sometimes fuels community opposition to projects intended to assist homeless populations.
By Andrew O'Reilly [7-14-19] // "Most of Skid Row is already being carved up," Jerry Jones, the director of public policy at the Inner City Law Center in Los Angeles, told Fox News. "We need to help those who live on Skid Row right now."
From HCD News, July 12th
By Heather Knight [7-9-19] // People in other countries, and even other U.S. cities, have a lower tolerance for the chaos and disorder of homelessness. European countries also tend to provide much more robust health care and have a safety net that catches people before they're so far gone that they're walking into busy streets in hospital gowns.

By Abbie Bennett [7-10-19] // "They feel like 'I can't tell them I'm homeless because I'll lose my child.' So they're afraid to come forward and have their children stripped from their arms."
By Robin McMillan [7-10-19] // From 2017 to 2018, nationwide numbers remained nearly flat and even dropped slightly statewide, but it jumped more than 13% in San Bernardino County last year.
By Eduardo Cuevas [7-10-19] // The city warned homeless residents of impending enforcement of the no camping policy and provided outreach services in advance. An accompanying homeless service referral handout distributed at the park, and also available on the city's website, says it was last updated September 2012, as of Wednesday.
By Daniel Montes [7-101-9] // (Video) Safe Embarcadero For All alleges in the suit that the city hastily approved the 200-bed center without seeking approval from the California State Lands Commission, which they say is required since the center would create housing on property owned by the Port of San Francisco.
By Trisha Thadani [7-11-19] // The Embarcadero Navigation Center site is being prepped for construction.

From HCD News, July 10th
By Kevin Fagan [7-8-19] // San Francisco now has 9,784 unhoused residents compared with the last biennial count taken in 2017 of 7,499.
By Nuala Sawyer [7-8-19] // Frontline workers from organizations ranging from Homeless Prenatal to Hospitality House praised the plan for a commission to better manage the department.
By Mary Meehan [7-4-19] // Charles Bowers leads me on a tour of camps made by homeless people in wooded corners of Fayette County, Kentucky, and there, slightly up the hill, is a patch of blue. A tent. He keeps his voice low to avoid startling those inside.
By Danny Romero and Jessica Dominguez [7-8-19] // "My camera allows me to define homelessness; people's pain and emotion. We're all connected, we all cry, we all feel all these different things," Pablo Unzueta said.
By Sarah Ravani [7-9-19] // The East Bay city is mulling over two different locations to build a site that will open in 2020 and house up to 45 people for up to six months with the intent of transferring them into permanent housing. Residents say a navigation center near their neighborhoods and schools could raise the risk that they or their children will become victims of crime.

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